Joint Workshop with COAI/5G-IF

Join our workshop on October 26th 2021 with the topic “Next Steps to Accelerated Digital-empowered Industrial Automation” (11:00- 13:00 CEST /2:30-4:30 IST) with our partner COAI and the 5G Forum India.

Service-Level Specifications (SLSs) for 5G Technology-Enabled Connected Industries

5G is poised to become the first generation of mobile communication systems that is widely adopted by vertically integrated industries. In addition to supporting millions of mobile subscribers, 5G will be used to interconnect machines, robots, sensors, etc. for the connected industries, which typically have quite demanding requirements in terms of the communication systems they use. Service-level specifications (SLSs) and the corresponding management mechanisms will play a key role in aligning the offerings of 5G communication service providers with the expectations of connected industries’ clients. This applies especially to SLSs for private industrial networks (also called nonpublic networks or NPNs).