5G-Based Industrial Robotics

ABB and Ericsson have teamed up and built within the EU project 5G-SMART a 5G testbed in the Ericsson smart factory in Kista, Sweden, to explore how 5G can enhance manufacturing use cases, with focus on robotics.
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The main objective of the testbed is to investigate and validate use cases were software controlling the industrial robots can be moved from the robots themselves into an edge cloud platform and be connected to the robots via 5G wireless connectivity. The following functionality will be investigated to be moved to the edge cloud:

  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) of the robots, based on sensor reading provided by the robots,
  • Mobile robot localization, based on sensor readings and motion information from the mobile robot,
  • Motion planning for the stationary and mobile robots.

The following testbed results will be delivered to the 5G-ACIA

  • A description of the smart manufacturing use cases enabled by a 5G infrastructure, along with the advantages of flexibility and scalability provided by a wireless production environment
  • A description of the testbed setup and configuration
  • Results of the validity and performance of the use cases when implemented and tested. This will include the general validation of the feasibility of the use cases and an investigation of
    interactions of application performance and 5G network and edge cloud performance
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