September 12, 2022

5G-ACIA at Hannover Messe USA – September 12-17, 2022

HANNOVER MESSE USA, co-located with IMTS, is held biennially and together they make up the manufacturing industry’s largest US gathering.
visual for Hannover Messe USA in 2022

ndustrial 5G for Manufacturing

Communication services for factory automation need to fulfil stringent requirements, especially in terms of latency, communication service availability and determinism. Operation is limited to a relatively small service area, and typically less interaction is required with the public network (e.g., for service continuity, roaming, etc.).
Among key uses cases such as closed-loop control applications of robotics,
5G supported human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are important for manufacturing. These can be panels mounted to a machine or production line, as well as standard IT devices, such as laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, etc. In addition, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) systems are expected to play an increasingly important role in the future.
Another key enabler of Industrial 5G is intralogistics on a defined premises, for example to ensure the uninterrupted supply of raw materials to the factory floor by means of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), forklift trucks, etc. Warehousing refers to the storage of materials and goods, for example employing conveyors, cranes, and automated storage and retrieval systems. For practically all logistics use cases, the positioning, tracking and monitoring of assets are of high importance.

5G-ACIA will contribute as well:

Date: Monday September 12th, 2022, at 1:15 pm- 2:10 pm
Place: McCormick Place, West Building – W196-A

“Industrial 5G – Where Are We Now and What Still Needs to Be Done?”.
Speakers: Dr. Andreas Mueller, Bosch, General Chair of 5G-ACIA,
Dr Afif Osseiran, Ericsson, General Vice Chair of 5G-ACIA

Wireless communication in particular 5G is essential for the Smart Factory and more generally for Industry 4.0 since it enables seamless, pervasive, and scalable connectivity among machines, people, and sensors as well as with mobile entities such as mobile robots, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and drones. 5G also allows in many cases reducing or even removing the cables from stationary, rotating, and other objects with limited mobility. The General Chairs of the 5G-Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) will give an insightful view on where are we on the road towards Industrial 5G.

Solutions Theater East Building, Level 3
Date: Tuesday, September 13, at 1:15 pM – 2:10 pM
Place: McCormick Place, East Building, Level 3 – Solutions Theatre

Industrial 5G – Introducing an Emerging Technology
Moderated by Dr. Andreas Mueller, Bosch, General Chair 5G-ACIA

5G-ACIA booth exhibit presentation

• Private 5G network for C-band and mmWave applications, presented by Verizon and Ericsson
• Smart 5G multipurpose sensor technology platform, presented by Fraunhofer IPT
• PROFINET over 5G investigates network capabilities for industrial communication,
presented by ifak, HMS, NXP, Radisys
• Testbed: zero-touch production in the AAU 5G Smart Production Lab, presented by Nokia
and Aalborg University
• Autonomous Navigation of an AMR using a live private 5G network and Edge computing, presented
by Verizon
• Immersive VR demo experience, presented by Verizon
• CIP Safety over 5G, presented by HMS
•  5G private network connected to TSN, presented by Qualcomm and Bosch

Industrial 5G demos for various industry scenarios and resolutions will be presented, showing how they maximize performance and reliability and how this emerging technology is being deployed.

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