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The 5G-ACIA management team comprises three main groups:
The 5G-ACIA Board – led by the General Chair and General Vice-Chair, Working groups – led by Working Group Chairs and Vice-Chairs, The 5G-ACIA Office – led by the Secretary

organization chart of 5G-ACIA in 2022
The 5G-ACIA Board is composed of a certain number of high-level representatives from the member organizations. They discuss 5G-ACIA’s work strategy, decide in case of disputes, and advise 5G-ACIA’s organizational bodies. The Board meets on a regular basis. Members are as of June 2020:

Dr. Andreas Müller, General Chair


5G is a key enabling technology for the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and it will lift Industry 4.0 to the next level. As the globally leading organization for driving and shaping Industrial 5G, 5G-ACIA with its more than 80 member organizations is working hard to make the Factory of the Future become a reality.

Dr. Afif Osseiran, General Vice-Chair


5G-ACIA is a unique alliance to ensure the ICT needs of the automation industry are considered. It will foster developing a 5G technology that addresses industrial requirements, and ultimately building an adequate business model.

Dr. Christian Bauer


5G is the enabler for smart manufacturing and the production of the future and 5G-ACIA is the ideal forum to shape this future together!

Dr. Josef Blanz


The next industrial revolution is upon us, and the ability to deliver secure and reliable high-performance wireless connectivity for intelligent and agile manufacturing is essential to this transformation. At 5G-ACIA, we are focusing on integrating 5G technology well with industrial automation to unleash the true potential of Industry 4.0.

Dr. Ulrich Dropmann


In order for Industrial 5G to be a success, the Industry Automation sector must work together with 5G technology companies. The 5G-ACIA the right platform for that. Since its creation 5G-ACIA has had significant success as maninfast by its strong membership growrth.

Joseph Eichinger


5G has the power to become an essential part of the communication infrastructure for connected industries and automation. The journey has just begun and 5G-ACIA has proven itself as a guide and competent adviser for both ICT and OT. With each release, 5G supports more and more important features and gradually the capabilities important for OT are converted into commercial products and integrated into the field. 5G-ACIA not only contributes to the further development of 5G, but also provides extremely important contributions how 5G can be integrated into the existing automation landscapes. The target is to increase the productivity and efficiency of factory and process automation.

Dr. Valerie Feldmann


Riccardo Guerzoni

NTT docomo

5G-ACIA brought the viewpoint of the automation industry in the 5G arena and influenced significantly the 5G standard by fostering the dialogue between OT and ICT players.

Frank Hakemeyer


5G can become another communication backbone (after Ethernet) for industrial automation and can revolutionize the communication landscape in factory and process applications. 5G-ACIA is the mouthpiece for this.

Dr. Rene Hummen


5G-ACIA has set out to make 5G a key wireless technology for converged industrial networks of the future. With its strong and growing membership from ICT and OT industry, 5G-ACIA is uniquely positioned to shape 5G in order to meet industrial requirements and to integrate with other converged network technologies including OPC UA and TSN.

Sylvia Lu


5G-ACIA has demonstrated a strong commitment to international collaboration between the ICT and OT sectors, connecting with the world's leading industrial organisations to share knowledge, learnings and develop a worldwide ecosystem in support of the manufacturing and automated industries. Strong collaboration is the key ingredient that helps to accelerate the economic and business benefits that 5G enables for the industry.

Andreas Pfaff


Wireless communication is a key component for the digitalization of industrial automation and for smart manufacturing. 5G is the only wireless standard that combines real-time communication with cross-domain usability. In the 5G-ACIA, OT and ICT experts work together on the successful introduction of 5G in industrial automation, and elaborate necessary foundations for international standardization.

Benedikt Rauscher

Pepperl & Fuchs

5G-ACIA brings OT and ICT industry together to raise the potential of 5G to become the first mobile communication technology that really provides seamless connectivity for all automation purposes.

Thoralf Schulz


5G-ACIA brings togerher a unique combination of OT and ICT industry experise. The members are working together to ensure applicability of 5G for manufacturing and process industries. The objective is to seize the full potential of 5G as a flexible and reliable infrastructure.

Detlef Tenhagen


Herbert Wegmann


The benefits of 5G networks for industry will be maximized when the user is able to determine the full bandwidth and to manage the industrial frequency range at any time. A further key to the industrial use of 5G is standardization. We assume that it will be possible to implement the first typical deterministic automation tasks from 3GPP release 16.

Markus Wucher


The introduction of 5G on the factory floor can leverage a change in the automation industries which hasn’t been seen in the past. ICT and OT technologies and business will get much closer and that’s something they do in 5G-ACIA already today.

The 5G-ACIA Plenary is constituted by representatives of the member companies. They meet every 2-3 months to discuss and decide on the ongoing work and new work items.

The 5G-ACIA General Assembly meets once a year. Among other responsibilities, it elects the 5G-ACIA Chair, the 5G-ACIA Deputy Chair, the 5G-ACIA Board, and the Chairs of the Working Groups. In addition, it approves the 5G-ACIA budget.

5G-ACIA is chaired by:

General Chair: Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch)

General Vice Chair: Dr. Afif Osseiran (Ericsson)

The 5G-ACIA Office supports 5G-ACIA in the day-to-day operations, such as office coordination, committee work, marketing and social media, press relations, fairs, meetings and events, member management, budget and accounting, IT infrastructure.

portrait of Alexander Bentkus, 5G-ACIA Secretary

Alexander Bentkus

5G-ACIA Secretary

portrait of Jacky Mou, Senior Project Manager at 5G-ACIA

Jacky Mou

Senior Project Manager

portrait of Katharina Euler, Manager of Technical Communication at 5G-ACIA

Katharina Euler

Manager Technical Communication

portrait of Arndt Zimmermann, Exhibition Project Manager at 5G-ACIA

Arndt Zimmermann

Exhibition Project Manager

portrait of Lisa Spachmann, Assistant at 5G-ACIA

Lisa Spachmann


Related Topics

Working groups

Various work items and essential topics are dealt here based on the planning and decicions of the Plenary.

Legal entity of 5G ACIA

5G-ACIA is a working group of ZVEI.

Global partners

5G-ACIA is a global association and central forum with allied partners from around the world.

Designing 5G for Industrial Use

Key 5G capabilities pave the way for perfecting Industry 4.0 communication and IIoT connectivity

Key Enabler for Industrial 5G

High-performance features of 5G enhance its potential for a wide variety of industrial communication channels and applications

Making Industrial 5G happen

For core use cases, industrial 5G will evolve into a key wireless communication technology and standard

Usage of industrial 5G

A wide variety of white papers explain in detail how industrial 5G will migrate to and be integrated in connected industries and automation

Endorsed testbeds

The capabilities and performance of 5G in actual industrial applications are evaluated and validated with endorsed testbeds


Industrial 5G demos for various industry scenarios and resolutions are presented, showing how they maximize performance and reliability 

About us

5G-ACIA unites key stakeholders for advancing the standardization and regulation of 5G in the industrial domain


5G-ACIA ensures that the special interests and needs of the industrial domain are adequately considered in connection with 5G standardization and regulation


5G-ACIA is run and operated by a board, working groups, and an office

Working groups

A plenum makes plans and decisions on how to handle different work items and essential topics

Legal entity of 5G-ACIA

5G-ACIA is a working group of ZVEI

Global partners

5G-ACIA is a global association and central forum with associated partners worldwide


Joining 5G-ACIA makes you an Industrial 5G initiator with access to valuable insights and knowledge


Global member organizations from diverse domains are the key to the success of 5G-ACIA and Industrial 5G

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