5G-ACIA Working Group 3 is working on a new work item called “5G QoS for Industrial Automation” as white paper which will be published by end of 2021.

Distributed industrial applications rely on the quality of service (QoS) of the underlying communications system, which has to meet the application requirements in each case. Some industrial use cases pose highly demanding communication requirements and are therefore quite sensitive to any changes in the QoS. 5G supports comprehensive mechanisms for defining, implementing, controlling, policing, and monitoring QoS. These mechanisms cover both dynamic QoS management for packet-level traffic differentiation within a single-device connection and management of the overall performance of 5G networks. The white paper now being prepared will address industrial automation professionals wishing to leverage 5G QoS features in their applications. Its main purpose is to provide an easy-to-read technical guide on 5G QoS that frees users from having to study 3GPP standards in detail. It describes the functionality of 5G QoS from an end-user perspective and explains the terminology used in connection with configuring and using it. The white paper also outlines the steps that an application can perform to request a specific QoS from the 5G network and monitor the achieved QoS, illustrating them with real-world examples from industry. 

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