Get ready for disruptive changes with industrial 5G

5G-ACIA is open to all organizations actively supporting its objectives. Companies from the industrial domain may wish to join the initiative in order to prepare themselves in good time for the disruptive changes potentially accompanying 5G in the future, and in order to ensure proactively that 5G fits their specific needs and requirements. Likewise, companies from the information and communication technology (ICT) domain may wish to join the 5G-ACIA in order to obtain a better understanding of the industrial domain and to gain insights into a highly attractive new market.

Become a member. Benefit in various ways.

Prepare in time for disruptive changes
5G-ACIA members prepare in time for the disruptive changes that 5G will bring. They make sure that their requirements are considered in future 5G standards.

Frame a future market
5G-ACIA members shape a new market at an early stage. They discuss and help construct a suitable market framework for the future.

Establish a new ICT and OT ecosystem
5G-ACIA members establish a mutual understanding between various industries. They create an ecosystem of ICT and OT players and design a common working language.

Gain valuable insights
5G-ACIA members gain valuable insights into a highly attractive emerging market. At the same time, they develop visionary 5G use cases.

Advance professional knowledge
5G-ACIA members advance their technological and industrial knowledge. They closely interact with scientists and recognised practioners from all over the world.

Connect with global networks
Via 5G-ACIA, members get in touch with various global 5G networks. On the one hand, they directly contribute to 3GPP. On the other hand, they can connect with 5G and IIOT platforms.

A guide for potential members

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Designing 5G for Industrial Use

Key 5G capabilities pave the way for perfecting Industry 4.0 communication and IIoT connectivity

Key Enabler for Industrial 5G

High-performance features of 5G enhance its potential for a wide variety of industrial communication channels and applications

Making Industrial 5G happen

For core use cases, industrial 5G will evolve into a key wireless communication technology and standard

Usage of industrial 5G

A wide variety of white papers explain in detail how industrial 5G will migrate to and be integrated in connected industries and automation

Endorsed testbeds

The capabilities and performance of 5G in actual industrial applications are evaluated and validated with endorsed testbeds


Industrial 5G demos for various industry scenarios and resolutions are presented, showing how they maximize performance and reliability 

About us

5G-ACIA unites key stakeholders for advancing the standardization and regulation of 5G in the industrial domain


5G-ACIA ensures that the special interests and needs of the industrial domain are adequately considered in connection with 5G standardization and regulation


5G-ACIA is run and operated by a board, working groups, and an office

Working groups

A plenum makes plans and decisions on how to handle different work items and essential topics

Legal entity of 5G-ACIA

5G-ACIA is a working group of ZVEI

Global partners

5G-ACIA is a global association and central forum with associated partners worldwide


Joining 5G-ACIA makes you an Industrial 5G initiator with access to valuable insights and knowledge


Global member organizations from diverse domains are the key to the success of 5G-ACIA and Industrial 5G

How to become a member

5G-ACIA is happy to receive and answer your queries

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Key 5G-ACIA messages and publications for SDOs and observers worldwide


Join 5G-ACIA and learn about its work designing the framework for industrial 5G


Media and materials to inspire you and promote Industrial 5G


Industrial 5G Demos and resolutions are explained under different industrial scenarios by providing highest levels of performance and reliability

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