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5G Performance Evolution for Material Handling in Manufacturing

Demag, ifak, Nokia and Rohde & Schwarz cooperate to demonstrate the performance development of 5G and its impact on intralogistics applications at the DEMAG Research Factory in Wetter, Germany.
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The DEMAG Research Factory – Material Handling Demonstrator (MHD) – offers the possibility to test 5G technology in a real industrial environment for (intra-) logistics and material handling use cases.

A 5G network and corresponding intralogistics equipment such as overhead cranes, hoists, AGVs, light lifting systems, slewing cranes and, in the future, collaborative robots provide a platform in a manufacturing environment to quantitatively evaluate application requirements for 5G communication.

The testbed consists of two autonomous parts that can be operated independently or in combination. The demonstrator part consists of the 5G network provided and updated by Nokia and machines and equipment for intralogistics and manufacturing provided and operated by DEMAG. With this, real Industry 4.0 use cases are implemented. The second part is used for targeted investigations of special requirements and conditions. Measuring and testing equipment is installed instead of or in addition to the machines and equipment. R&S mobile network testing equipment will be used to determine the quality and performance of the 5G network, e.g. using coverage, throughput and latency. With ifak’s measurement system, application data traffic is generated in a scalable and flexible manner to evaluate the performance and dependability of the communication from an application point of view.

ifak e.V.
The 5G-ACIA Testbed MHD is not only an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and investigate the impact of 5G deployment progress on use cases, but also contributes to the development of a common understanding and more effective cooperation between OT and IT.
Dr Lutz Rauchhaupt
Wireless Automation, ifak
The basic prerequisite for the implementation of true smart factories with flexible, secure, and efficient intralogistic processes is a highly available, wireless, and real-time capable communication technology that allows secure data exchange between machines such as floor-bound transport vehicles and floor-free cranes as well as their operators. Participation in the 5G-ACIA testbed will allow us to evaluate in an industrial environment with material handling machines and systems.
Giuliano Persico
Demag cranes & Components

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