5G-Based Smart Manufacturing and Industrial AI Services

Huawei built a 5G testbed as part of Huawei’s OpenLab facilities in Munich, Germany to develop and validate new solutions of connected smart factories and scalable AI service deployments. AI use cases will be developed and disseminated to 5G-ACIA workgroups.
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Huawei and its industry partners will realize novel industrial scenarios of networked production and AI services, enabled by 5G wireless connectivity. This unique testbed encompasses both validation and performance measurement activities for three different use cases including:

  • Connected AGVs with AI machine vision cloud processing for quality control,
  • Preventive maintenance with wireless connected monitoring and
  • Machine verification for safety & security of wireless connected automation modules

This testbed utilising Huawei’s 5G stand-alone (SA) network, thus emulating real 5G MPN conditions in industrial environments. It is future-proof for next 3GPP releases and support of network slicing, TSN, URLLC etc. Furthermore, it is bringing 5G enabled AI capabilities into the EU GAIA-X project.


The following testbed results will be delivered to the 5G-ACIA

  • Reports, Presentations and Videos will be delivered as training material for future SME users on upscaling existing infrastructure with 5G connectivity
  • A Report with a description of 5G enabled use cases featuring “manufacturing and AI as a service” as part of a GAIA-X infrastructure and project
  • Value Adding for AGVs in Logistics: Using transportation time for Quality Control on Demand. Brownfield updating of AGV by Camera integration with 5G connectivity
  • PoC : Transport Safety protocols over a 5G system and deploy cloud based services for machine verification. Reliable wireless transport layer for fieldbus and safety protocols
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