5G-Industry Campus Europe

Fraunhofer IPT and Ericsson have teamed up and built within the EU project 5G-SMART a 5G Industry Campus Europe in Aachen, Germany with 4 indoor sites and outdoor campus coverage to develope and evaluate adaptive machining with an acoustic emission sensor and a multi-sensor platform for production process monitoring.
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The testbed consists of a 5G indoor and outdoor solution covering the industrial shopfloor of Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen. Here, a multi-sensor platform for workpiece and machine monitoring and an acoustic emission sensor system for monitoring the condition of the cutting tool will be developed and validated by the testbed partners Fraunhofer IPT, Ericsson, u-blox and Marposs. Furthermore, the different data sources will be synchronized by a novel synchronization device to fuse data into a digital twin.


The following testbed results will be delivered to the 5G-ACIA

  • A description of the testbed setup, deployment and configuration
  • A description of the realized use cases together with a list of their requirements and benefits
  • Results of the validity and performance of the two use cases. This will include the general validation of the feasibility of the use cases and an investigation of interactions of application performance and 5G network. The 5G network performance will be provided in KPIs like throughput and latency
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