March 19, 2024

Web Seminar: Two 5G-ACIA Endorsed Testbeds on Material Handling and Mobile Robotics

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About three years have passed since the 5G-ACIA opened its call for 5G testbeds. This is enough reason to review what has been achieved so far! In total, 5G-ACIA endorsed ten unique testbeds that each have an individual focus on a certain aspect of Industrial 5G.

In the 4th 5G-ACIA Web Seminar series, testbed members presented their results regarding the selected aspect and drew conclusions on the use of Industrial 5G.

5G Performance Evolution for Material Handling in Manufacturing

Speakers: Nils Kranefeld & Sven Müller (Demag), Lisa Underberg (ifak); Moderator: Niels König (Fraunhofer IPT)

The testbed analyses various scenarios involving communication among other things between cranes, an automatic storage system, an AGV and operators, each equipped with a 5G device. The performance assessment includes analysis of the 5G network in terms of coverage (received signal strength and signal-to-noise measurements), data rate and latency. In addition, measurements from an application perspective include transmission time, update time, data rate, and message loss rate.

5G Zero Touch Production: integrating the operation of mobile and stationary robotic entities through 5G FR1/FR2 balancing and Edge-Computing

Speakers: Ignacio Rodriguez (University of Oviedo, Spain), Fatemeh S. Bakhsh & Sebastian B. Damsgaard (Aalborg University, Denmark); Moderator: Niels König (Fraunhofer IPT)

The 5G-based Zero Touch Production Testbed at the AAU 5G Smart Production Lab strenghtens the collaboration between academic (Aalborg University, Denmark, and University of Oviedo, Spain), OT (FESTO) and ICT (NOKIA) members in building and demonstrating practical industrial solutions. The testbed demonstrates a fully-automated 5G-based production environment that integrates and coordinates the operation of FESTO stationary production modules with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) equipped with robotic manipulators (Zero Touch Production Manipulators). All control flows are reliably operated over a NOKIA private 5G network with FR1, FR2, and Edge-Cloud computing capabilities. The presentation is divided in two parts: an initial introduction to the design and main implementation aspects including a selection of performance results, followed by a live demo.

The web seminar took place on 19 March 2024, 14:00 – 15:00 CET.


This is the second webinar in a series of three webinars. Find out more about the other two webinars:

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