April 11, 2024

Web Seminar: Two 5G-ACIA Endorsed Testbeds on Open RAN & Positioning and 5G mmWave

The Web Seminar is free of charge.

About three years have passed since the 5G-ACIA opened its call for 5G testbeds. This is enough reason to review what has been achieved so far! In total, 5G-ACIA endorsed ten unique testbeds that each have an individual focus on a certain aspect of Industrial 5G.

In the 4th 5G-ACIA Web Seminar series, testbed members will present their results regarding the selected aspect and draw conclusions on the use of Industrial 5G.

Planning, Implementation and optimization of an OpenRan Campus Network

Speaker: Ralph Dümmler (Fraunhofer IIS); Moderator: Dr. Lisa Underberg (ifak)

Between early 2020 up to end 2023 we planned an OpenRan network, evaluated the market, searched for technology partners and system integrators. In 2021 we started to implement and optimized. In 2022 the first real use cases were implemented and tested. In 2023 we changed system suppliers and completed system installation outdoors.

In his presentation, Ralph Dümmler will speak about challenges, pitfalls and lessons learned during this process as well as performance.

5G mmWave for industrial applications with high bandwidth demands

Speakers: Niels König & Niklas Beckmann (Fraunhofer IPT); Moderator: Dr. Lisa Underberg (ifak)

5G Millimeter-Wave (mmW) spectrum offers much potential for industrial applications, such as access to large spectral bandwidth compared to sub 6 GHz spectrum (Sub6), potentially lower latencies, higher data rates, and easier management of interferences with adjacent 5G networks. A potential disadvantage of using mmW for industrial applications is the propagation physics with higher attenuation than Sub6 and the lack of available industrial 5G devices. The testbed investigates the propagation and network quality of 5G mmW in an industrial environment, performance characteristics, and the implementation and investigation of different industrial use cases demanding for high uplink and downlink bandwidth as well as the potential for achieving ultra-low latencies. 

REGISTRATION (free of charge)

The web seminar takes place on 11 April 2024, 14:00 – 15:00 CET.


This is the third webinar in a series of three webinars. Find out more about the other two webinars:

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