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The 3rd 5G-ACIA Web Seminar series focuses on testing of Industrial 5G. The first Web Seminar will give an overview on 5G-ACIA’s perspective on testing and explains what 5G-ACIA’s testbed endorsement is all about. In this context, testing types as selected in the White Paper (Selected Testing and Validation Considerations for Industrial Communication with 5G Technologies) are discussed taking a closer look at performance testing as presented in White Paper (Performance Testing of 5G Systems for Industrial Automation) and certification in 5G-ACIA.

The following Web Seminar sessions are dedicated to the 5G-ACIA endorsed testbeds. Following the call for 5G testbeds from Autumn 2020, fourteen 5G-ACIA members and two non-5G-ACIA members collaborated creating seven unique testbeds up to now. Testbed members will present their use case, their 5G solution and – if the testbed is already mature – first results.

5G-SMART Bosch Testbed 

Dr. Leefke Grosjean (Ericsson),
Dr. Davit Harutyunyan (Bosch)

In this webinar we will present the latest status of the 5G-SMART testbed that is located inside Bosch’s semiconductor factory in Reutlingen. We will explain the ongoing work on validating and evaluating 5G on the factory floor, highlighting also first results and learnings. Two representative use cases that nowadays can be found in many factories will be outlined: (1) a Cloud-based mobile robotics use case and (2) a TSN/Industrial LAN over 5G use case. On top of that, we will describe the 5G deployability tests performed inside the cleanroom.

Huawei’s 5G-Based Smart Manufacturing and Industrial AI Services

Josef Eichinger (Huawei)
Georgios Avramidis (Huawei)

Huawei’s innovative testbed for both validation and performance measurement of diverse use-cases including “connected AGVs with AI machine vision cloud processing for quality control” and “predictive maintenance with wireless connected monitoring”. Hosted in Huawei’s OpenLab facilities in Munich, it utilizes a 5G stand-alone network in order to emulate real 5G NPN conditions and be future proof for next 3GPP releases. With this testbed Huawei is bringing 5G enabled AI capabilities within GAIA-X project and creates the environment for 5G Ecosystem expansion with an open-call to industry players to join.

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