June 22, 2022

Joint Web Seminar on Industrial 5G with OPC UA

The Web Seminar is free of charge. | Watch on demand via below link.
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Joint Web Seminar on Industrial 5G with OPC UA June 22nd 2022, Online via WebEx

The fourth stage of the industrial revolution heralds an entirely new era. Its goal is to significantly improve the flexibility, versatility, usability and efficiency of production systems and to make the vision of smart factories come true.

In this context, the integration of OPC UA and Industrial 5G, two important building blocks are brought together, thus forming the basis for a highly flexible and powerful connectivity fabric for smart manufacturing.

Learn in our breakout sessions more from the experts on how both technologies will revolutionize the shopfloor.

Please see our flyer for more information: Joint Web Seminar on Industrial 5G with OPC UA by 5G-ACIA and OPC Foundation

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