5G-ACIA Publications are specialist articles, white papers, positioning papers and case studies on a specific topic. They are provided free of charge and are ideal for deepening knowledge of the respective area. The following publications on Industrial 5G provide detailed information on the standard and 5G technology in industrial domain.

Integration of OPC UA in 5G Networks
OPC UA is a platform-independent standard that is used for communication among various types of devices and systems in the...
NPNs for Industrial Scenarios
Where do you start if you want to start using 5G in your industrial operation? One of the first things...
Using 5G sidelink in industrial factory applications
The aim of this 5G-ACIA white paper is to identify and understand uses for 5G sidelink in industrial factory and...
Industrial 5G Devices – Architecture and Capabilities
5G enables reliable, low-latency, high-bandwidth data transmission, making it a key technology for the future of industrial communications. The introduction...
Industrial 5G Edge Computing – Use Cases, Architecture and Deployment
5G edge computing provides reliable, low-latency communication and data processing on enterprise premises enabling many future industrial use cases. The...
5G QoS for Industrial Automation
Distributed industrial applications rely on the quality of service (QoS) of the underlying communications system, which has to meet the...
5G for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Capabilities, Features, and Potential
It’s important to understand how well a wireless communications system such as 5G can be expected to perform its intended...
Service-Level Specifications_SLSs_for 5G Technology-Enabled Connected Industries
Service-Level Specifications (SLSs) for 5G Technology-Enabled Connected Industries
5G is poised to become the first generation of mobile communication systems that is widely adopted by vertically integrated industries....
Position Paper - Our view on the Evolution of 5G towards 6G
Using Digital Twins to Integrate 5G into Production Networks
5G becomes an important part of the infrastructure of the factories due to its performance, flexibility and tailored solutions for...
Exposure of 5G Capabilities for Connected Industries and Automation Applications
This white paper describes the functional requirements for exposing the capabilities of non-public 5G systems to industrial factory applications. Via...
Integration of 5G with Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Communications
The white paper looks at the standards specified for 5G by 3GPP and the standards specified for Time-Sensitive Networking by...
Security Aspects of 5G for Industrial Networks
5G security as an integral part of secure industrial operations.
Performance Testing of 5G Systems for Industrial Automation
How do I find out whether a 5G system is really suitable for my application? The answer is analyse the...
5G for Connected Industries and Automation (Second Edition)
5G Non-Public Networks for Industrial Scenarios
5G for Automation in Industry
Selected Testing and Validation Considerations for Industrial Communication with 5G Technologies
Integration of Industrial Ethernet Networks with 5G Networks
A 5G Traffic Model for Industrial Use Cases
Key 5G Use Cases and Requirements